Doesn’t this comic remind you of a past one? If you’re not aware, The Mtv Video Music Awards came on lastnight. I seriously thought it was boring. All of the performances weren’t exciting, but the lights were awesome. Especially in Usher’s performance. Did you catch when he lost his breath while singing and dancing? He should have lip-synced like his protege, Justin Beiber!

Everytime the VMAs are not at Radio City Music Hall in New York, the show sucks. Lady Gaga won the majority of the awards, and her wardrobe was crazy as always. She arrived with men and women who served our country, and were discharged from the military because of their sexual orientation. Lady Gaga being a political in every way she possible. Good for her.

The highlights of that night was Cher in her reveling costume she wore in the “Turn Back Time,” video. She’s in her 60s now, yet not a thing on her body was out of place. We all can have that, if we have money to pay Dr. 90210.

Kanye West and his outspoken performance. I didn’t know you could say A**hole on TV now. Oh my. What’s next? Mother F***er? If so, that will be awesome! That’s like my favorite word!